The Paradise Diet is a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet high in Living Foods, Enzymes and Probiotics. It is my all time popular book and definitive guide to adding more Living foods, Enzymes and Probiotics into your diet and lifestyle. LIYF stands for Life in your food! I will teach you how LIYF Foods, Enzymes and Probiotics will transform your life! It combines over 100 Raw Gourmet recipes from my Paradise Kitchen book, together with over 50 Raw LIYF recipes I’ve ever used for living a strong, healthy and powerful life!

Here are some of the recipes you will find in this book:

The book consists of 8 main chapters: LIYF Foods, Enzymes, Probiotics, The 4 Paradise Principles, Raw Gourmet Recipes, Raw LIYF Recipes, LIYF Mastery Program, and Paradise on Earth. It is all about the pleasure of living LIYF and sharing the very best Plant-Based Raw Living Foods with family and friends. This book is for people who want to learn more about how to eat a Plant-Based Diet, Living Foods, Enzymes and Probiotics to get truly healthy and nourished at the cellular level. It is for people who want to fully embrace LIYF and live a strong, healthy and powerful life no matter what age you are. 

No matter what diet you eat or lifestyle you live, The Paradise Diet makes it BETTER! It is a timeless piece with timeless recipes that you can always carry around with you, prepare anytime, and be able to cleanse heal and regenerate your life!


If it sounds like this is in line with what you want, then The Paradise Diet is right for you!

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