Paradise Communication

Paradise Communication is when we connect our mind, body and spirit with Paradise.

The primary communication is coming into presence with oneself, and asking “Is this Paradise on Earth?” to all that we think, feel and do.

It is allowing the energy of Paradise to embrace our mind, body and spirit, and free us from negative thoughts, emotions and toxins.

Every thought and emotion affects every cell in our body. When we have powerful cellular communication, we have powerful cellular health. 

It is also about cultivating a healthy habit of doing things that move you and all of us towards Paradise on Earth. Practice actionable Paradise Moments. Paradise Moments are things that excite you, make you nervous, scare you, something you have never done before, make you happy, joyful and meaningful etc. Tap into your spirit, intuition and flow. Try to practice at least 1 Paradise Moment a day.


Paradise Environment

Paradise Environment is when we surround ourselves with a natural environment of Sun, Air, Water and Earth that nurtures us, and establish a good environment for Paradise on a daily basis.

It is about getting ourselves grounded in Nature, connecting with Mother Nature and the elements, or using technology to assist us with natural methods such as doing Hot & Cold baths and infra-red saunas etc. 

Our cellular environment affects every cell in our body. When we have powerful cellular environment, we have powerful cellular health. 


Paradise Exercise

Paradise Exercise is about using natural methods of exercise and techniques to invigorate mind, body and spirit towards Paradise on Earth. 

Cellular exercise affects every cell in our body. Through cellular exercises like movement, rebounding and hot/cold therapy, we can energise every cell in our body. When we have powerful cellular exercise, we have powerful cellular health. 

Also explore Pranayama, Neigong, Martial Arts, Calisthenics, Weightlifting and Yoga etc.


Paradise Nutrition

Paradise Nutrition is about feeding every cell in your body with the optimal nutrition it needs to be strong, healthy and happy.

The Paradise Diet is fundamental to eating for Paradise. Cellular nutrition affects every cell in our body. When we have powerful cellular nutrition, we have powerful cellular health.